ACECQA Exceeding National Quality Standard in Child Care

Our Philosophy

“The philosophy is the ‘why’ behind your work with children, their families and each other. It is the combination of your beliefs, values and hopes for the educational program that you provide and its outcomes.”

Early Childood Australia, Revising the service philosophy, 2012

When reviewing our Centre philosophy we sought input from our families, our children and our staff. We developed a document that reflects our beliefs and those of our community. Our Philosophy is also guided by Being, Belonging and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Framework.


Our Beliefs:

We are family, for family. Since opening in 2009, this simple mantra is the guiding force in every aspect of our service.

We see every child as being unique. We treasure the individuality of each child entrusted into our care and we strive to work closely with their families to personally tailor learning experiences for each child. 

In the value of play: That open-ended play experiences are essential in allowing children to learn, explore their environment and establish their own identities.

That by actively listening to children, observing their interactions and engaging them in experiences, we can more effectively support their interests by incorporating them into our program and daily routine.

Diversity is the one thing we all have in common and we are proud of the cultural diversity represented amongst our children, families and educators. It’s important to us that we are providing an environment that accurately represents our broader society, helping to foster tolerance and understanding within children from an early age.

That it takes a village to raise a child and the relationships between our staff; our families and our local community are precious to us. As we move toward the future, Butterflies will continue to build upon the strengths and past successes that have established its place in the community.

Our commitments:

 To treat children with respect and build upon their qualities and attributes to increase their self-esteem and desire to learn.

To incorporate into our curriculum an anti-bias focus that allows for children to learn about various cultures, traditions and values that are respected in our society and community today. This will be inclusive of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. We respectfully honour and acknowledge the contributions of the past and present custodians of our land by providing opportunities for children to learn from the experiences and knowledge of aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies.

To ensure that each child has the right to be involved in on going learning, safety, education and to develop interests that will construct their own identities and establish a secure sense of ‘, Belonging, Being and Becoming’

To provide our educators with ongoing professional development and training that will allow each educator to extend and enrich on their current knowledge and practices.

To implement open, trusting and two way communication with all educators to develop collaborative team partnerships.

To mainstream children with additional needs and ensure they are included into our learning curriculum and educational environment that will assist them in developing their skills and learning.

Our goals and aspirations:

 To provide a high quality curriculum that is based on the fundamentals of the Early Years Learning Framework that will allow children to flourish and to enrich their learning. 

To interconnect our ‘school readiness program’ together with our Early Years Learning Framework curriculum to provide children with a successful transition to school.

Openly allow for the expression of personality and uniqueness for all families, educators and stakeholders in all facets of our service

To provide a caring, safe, secure and welcoming environment that fosters open exploration and positive interactions between educators and children.

To provide a service that has a strong commitment to sustainable development incorporating many practices in our environment. We will incorporate natural environments and resources for educators and children to develop environmental awareness and a platform for ongoing environmental education. 

To educate and encourage healthy and nutritious eating habits for children and families.



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