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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

Nelson Mandela

Early Childhood Program

At Butterflies we implement the Early Years Learning Framework to extend and enrich Children’s learning through opportunities which maximise their potential and develop the foundations for future success in learning.

Our program provides children with opportunities, experiences and routines that take into consideration each child’s developmental level and interests. Children are encouraged to select their own experiences from a range of choices, giving children control over their environment.

Routines are an important part of a young child’s day but they must remain flexible enough to take into consideration each child’s particular needs at the time. With this in mind each of our rooms has implemented a flexible daily routine that provides children with the opportunity to take part in a range of experiences both planned and spontaneous.

The Centre provides a balance of indoor and outdoor experiences that allow children to naturally progress through their own unique stage of learning.

Staff members develop the programme with the children and actively seek input from parents in regards to their child’s likes, interests and events that occur in the home. To strenghthen the ties with families, we have an open-door policy and throughout the year offer a special events calendar that encourages family involvement, with events such as our Mother's, Father's and Grandparent's Day celebrations and our End of Year Concert and Preschool Graduation.

Throughout the year, staff are compiling a portfolio for your child to keep at the end of the year. Parents are welcome to view this portfolio at any time and to contribute information regarding their child. Your child’s portfolio will be in electronic form and is given to parents at the end of the year on a CD.

School Readiness

Our School Readiness Program was designed with the aim of giving children all of the social, physical and intellectual skills required to easily join their respective schools in the coming years.

At Butterflies we believe that play is a very important part of child’s development. Therefore, we make sure that children have plenty of opportunities for free play every day. Our environment promotes play on every level and materials are selected to ensure that they stimulate the children’s interest and help expand the learning process.

Our School Readiness Program also covers:

Extra Curricular Activities


GrowFit’s program involves a series of kid’s fitness sessions, encompassing active learning of fundamental topics such as Our Muscles, Our Bones, Our Organs and of course, Healthy Nutrition. Each session runs for thirty minutes and will have your child falling in love with healthy living.

For more information visit www.growfit.com.au