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Dear Sam, Jessica, Mariana, Yocelyn, Rania, Paul, Chhaya and Rebecca,

Thank you for looking after Jacob this year! He loves coming to Butterflies every day because of you all.

From Jacob: "Thank you! Can you all please be my best friends?"


David, Vivian, Anna and Jacob December 2016

To all Staff Nursery Room,

Thank you to everyone for making Melody feel so welcome since the day she started back in October 2015. You all made the drop off process easier and gave her the love and supported she needed. We really value your contribution to Melody's development and behaviour. You truly do amazing work and we really appreciate everything you do to make Butterflies such a great place to bring children.

You are all such a great team and it's been an absolute pleasure getting to know you all. See you again for another great year in 2017.

Lots of love,

Rachael, Eric and Melody December 2016

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you for all you help in caring for Jordan and Zara this year.


Phoebe, Kevin, Zara and Jordan December 2016

Dear Winni, Donna, Asmat, Najmeh and Lynna,

Thank you for a wonderful year and taking care of our daughter Laela.

xx Kimberley, Scott and Laela December 2016

To all Toddler Room Staff,

Thank you to everyone for helping Melody's transition into the toddler room such a smooth one. We value all your care and support in helping our little girl become the amazing child she is today.

You all do such an amazing job and we can see how much you care. You truly are amazing people and are so good at what you do. Melody loves you all and it's a great feeling to know she is in good hands.

Lots of love,

Rachael, Eric and Melody December 2016 

Dearest Rebecca, Mariana, Yocelyn, Jessica and Sam, Donna, Rania,

Thank you so much for looking after Jacob. We are always at peace as we know he's in great hands. He has learned and developed so much throughout the years under your care.

As a family, we appreciate it!

You are the best! Hands down!

Best Regards,

Anthony, Jen, Diane, Ava and Jacob December 2016

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you for all your care and support in making Butterflies such a great place for Melody to come to every day. We really appreciate everything you do and we are so happy to continue our relationship into 2018.

Best wishes,

Rachael, Eric and Melody December 2016 


Thank you for running and managing such a warm and friendly centre!

Thank you!

Song Gan December 2016

To all the teachers in the Preschool room,

Thank you for taking amazing care of Charlie.

All the best for 2017.

Paul, Belinda, Charlie and Nora

Dear Neo's teachers,

Thank you for looking after our boy, keeping him safe and teaching him valuable lessons.

Here's to a fantastic 2017.

Tamika, Rob and Neo December 2016

Hi Rebecca...

Today is Zahra's last day at Butterflies as she heads off to 'Big School' on Tuesday, having been at the Centre since she was a mere eight months old.

As she departs I just wanted to acknowledge the first rate care, consistency and development she has received over this time from Butterflies.

Both Leann and Mariana have nurtured Zahra's intellect, creativity and skills. All the while providing a warm caring relationship and being excellent role models for a young girl to observe and learn from. Our heart-felt thanks to them both for their efforts.

Also a big 'thank you' to all of the other carers Zahra interacts with on a daily basis, and of course to yourself for managing such a well-run Centre.

Our time as a Butterflies family has been a very positive experience and we would recommend the Centre and carers/educators to other families without hesitation.

All the best and thanks again for a great experience!

Nigel & Juliana 29th January 2016

Dear Rebecca and all the team and Butterflies,

​Thank you for your all your hard work and dedication in looking after Raymond for the last two years.

We have appreciated your kindness and flexibility.

Mathew and Therese 22nd January 2016

Dear Miss Rebecca and my Butterflies family,

​Thank you so much for all the love in guidance you have given me over the last four years. You have watched me grow and now it's time to take my next step.

I love you from Cooper

25th Janury 2016

Dear Butterflies team,

​We just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for looking after Saanvi with lots of love and care.

I'm sure she will dearly miss her day care, where she had so much fun after coming to Australia, especially the warm welcome with tight hugs.

We really feel lucky to have found a wonderful place for our little princess. Thank you once again.​

Deepak and Lakshmi 18th December 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to say how grateful I am for the care and support you have provided Joshua over the last five and a bit years.

He arrived as an eight month old baby when the centre had recently opened and he leaves as a confident, happy 5 year old. I want to Thank you for giving him a wonderful pre-school experience.

Miss Rose and more recently Rebecca I have been very impressed with the evolution of Butterflies and believe this year the school is better than ever!

You should all be very proud of the wonderful environment you create and provide for the children and it’s one the happiest parts of my day to drop off and pick up Joshua to such a great place.​

Sam 16th September 2014

Just wanted to say thanks a lot for the great posters, we really enjoy looking at what the kids did during the day.

​Tiphaine and Carlos 11th August 2014

Hi Rebecca,

​Just wanted to thank you for your professionalism and for allowing us to have this beautiful news and shots while we are away from our kids during the day. I’m sure a lot of parents are also appreciating your time and efforts.​

Lynda 29th April 2014

Fantastic read. I often am in a hurry like many other parents on pick up so this format works much better. I love to read what Joshua gets up to & the learning that is involved. I especially love the dialogue. 

Thank you for all your efforts. You make our little man enjoy going to pre-school. 

Dione 28th April 2014